World series of poker! The name speaks itself of its fame and popularity across the world. WSOP or World Series Of Poker is the largest poker tournament that is organized annually in Las Vegas. Now World Series Of Poker has fifty five events that take place during the series. Winner of World Series Of Poker wins the great World Series Of Poker bracelet and prize money. Prize money depends upon the number of players participating in the contest and is another factor that attracts many people.

Gone are the days when poker was known to be a game that was limited to back and dimly lighted rooms. It is no longer a bar-brawling game as it is now known as a nationally recognized game. In earlier days, the motive behind World Series Of Poker was just to draw attention of people and gain some popularity for the game. But now the huge crowds, television coverage, high stakes, big prize money and jackpots speaks of its popularity. People of every culture and status can be seen at World Series Of Poker tournament.

World Series Of Poker is gaining popularity day by day. Television coverage of World Series of Poker started in 1970s and since then it is broadcasted on various television channels. ESPN is the main broadcast television channel of World Series of Poker. Number of players also increased significantly from 4780 entrants in 2000 to 23000 in the year 2005 and 8773 entrants for only main event in 2006. Prize money at main event is only $10000 which is five times less than the prize money at H.O.R.S.E event. However the title of World Champion is given to the winner of the main event at World Series Of Poker but some professionals have stated that real world champion is one who wins the new H.O.R.S.E event with prize money of $50000. Scotty Nguyen is the winner of H.O.R.S.E event held at Las Vegas in 2008.

Video games on the concept of World Series Of Poker has also been released by various companies. You can find World Series Of Poker machines at casinos and play the game of your choice. Harrah also started an academy to develop the skills of poker players worldwide to teach them ways to win the World Series Of Poker bracelet. You can find excellent and world class players of poker at the World Series Of Poker. If you are a poker player and desire to be a world winner then you should play at World Series Of Poker once. Experience the difference while playing with world known experts!

The next big poker is the WSOP Europe 2008

Update: Winner of WSOP 2008 Peter Eastgate